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Covid-19 Compliance Information


Pant y Saer Caravan Park

1st July 2020

Ahead of re-opening it has been necessary to think through the impact of Covid 19. Certain restrictions will be in place and these will form part of the park rules and contract going forward. They will be reviewed in the light of future developments.

In order to re-open we have had to carry out a risk assessment and obtain a Covid 19 compliance certificate. The following changes are as a result of the risk assessment.  These arrangements are new to us as all so please bear with us as they are all in the interests of keeping us all safe.

Please read carefully so that you can be certain you are able to comply

1.First visits will be restricted to owners only; if this causes you a problem please call us to discuss. When we have had time for the new arrangements to settle down we will review the situation. Please arrive between the hours of 8.00a.m. and 6.00pm

2. When setting off to visit your caravan you must not be displaying any of the symptoms associated with Covid 19, i.e. temperature, coughing, loss of taste and smell etc. If you are feeling unwell please do not set out.

3. As part of “ Track, Trace, And Test” we need to keep a record of who is on the park and for how long. Before you arrive please e mail us with the names and contact numbers of who is coming and the period you are staying. If you are not sure how long you are staying please e mail us when you are leaving.  The email address to use is  which has been set up solely for the purpose of track and trace. The information will be kept for 21 days. Please do not use this e mail address for any other purpose. 

At a later date when your family are allowed to use your caravan they must also supply us with this information. It is essential that they have read and understood this document. Please let us have their e mail address and we will send them a copy before their intended visit.

4. IMPORTANT Because your water system has been stagnant for a long period and  there have been high temperatures, the system needs flushing to minimise the risk of legionella infection. Set your boiler to maximum hot water temperature and starting at the kitchen run the hot tap for several minutes to flush properly. Turn off. Repeat throughout the caravan.  Remove the shower   spray head (this unscrews) and soak in bleach or disinfectant for 10 minutes. Run the hot water from the flexible tube in to a plastic bag with a corner cut off to allow the water to run out as a flow instead of a spray, to ensure no droplets can be ingested. Run water through all cold outlets as per the hot system. Flush the WCs with the lids down. We have topped up your water traps to prevent drain odour. 

5. There will be restrictions on work that we can carry out in your caravan when you are in occupation. Please do not approach our staff to carry out work for you. Contact us on our mobile 07801 560420, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

6. If you start to feel unwell please advise by e mail to or call us on 07801 560420 and go home. If you are not well enough to travel you must isolate, advise us, and refer to NHS 111 website yourself. In the event of breathing difficulties call 999. If you wish to apply for a test call 119 between the hours of  7.00 a.m. and  11.00 p.m.

7. Because of the requirements of track and trace we are NOT allowing visitors to the park. 

8. Please observe social distancing with other caravan owners, park staff, and any other person who may need to be on the park from time to time.

9. Your caravan should only be used for yourselves. You may meet with one other family group indoors but once having made the choice of who this is you must not change to another family group.  Social gatherings outside permitted according to current guidelines which may be subject to variation. Remember the guidelines in Wales may differ from England. Please visit  “” for futher information.

10. The play centre and play area is out of use until further notice.

11. We remind you of the maximum stay of 28 days applies.

12. No onsite deliveries of food please, other than takeaways ( see below FAQs). Click and collect is available from Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and  Morrisons. However we recommend that you bring sufficient foodstuffs to last for several days as local facilities will come under pressure when there is a large influx of visitors. We also recommend you bring hand gell, soap, gloves, loo rolls, and disinfectant and anti septic wipes.

13. Availability of local facilities will be limited. Health facilities, ie dentist, doctors will not be available. Churches are closed. Face masks are not mandatory in Wales but many people are wearing them and you should use them if you feel comfortable doing so. 

14. Refuse facilities will be available, please observe social distancing and only one person at a time to be in the compound.  Please follow the one in one out rule. We will disinfect the bins on a daily basis and recommend you use rubber gloves when disposing of refuse. A hand gell dispenser will be available. All non recyclable waste must be bagged. Please use gloves when disposing of doggy bags in the bins provided. The tip at Menai Bridge is only open by appointment and there are currently insufficient appointments available for local people. Please take any large items home.

15. When walking on or off the park bear in mind that our drive is a public footpath used by local people; please keep to the left to maintain social distancing on the lane.  Please respect social distancing and show consideration for the local community when outside the park. Take care with styals; use a stick to open; avoid touching gates.

16. Local relationships are important to us and some people are understandably apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors; they will need reassurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness.

17. During the lockdown we have worked hard to maintain the park to the usual standards and have done our utmost to keep pots and gardens watered during the lengthy drought we experienced from March to early June; however, there may be a few casualties of the drought.

18. It is unfortunate that we are having to introduce restrictions but hopefully they will be not too different from what you have experienced at home. It is important that everyone acts responsibly so that the chances of a further lockdown are minimised. We are looking forward so much to welcoming you back, (as are the birds and squirrels,) Hopefully you will enjoy the remainder of the summer free to enjoy Anglesey’s  beautiful beaches, lanes and footpaths.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation.

Kindest Regards

Peter and Moya Hoyland



Can I visit my friends caravan for a chat, drink bbq etc?

Yes as long as you stay outside and keep social distance. 

Can I go in my friends’ caravan? 


Can my family come to stay with me/us?

Not at the moment. The situation will be reviewed when we see how the arrangements are working.

Can my friends or family come for a day visit?

No. If you wish to meet them you must do so off the park.

Can I get take away food delivered?

Yes, as long as you meet the delivery at the visitor parking area or outside the security gate.

Can I arrange to be collected/delivered by a taxi?

Yes as long as it comes no further than the security gate or visitor parking.

I have something bulky to dispose of which cannot be put in the refuse compound.

Visits to the tip are by appointment only and there are insufficient available for the local community. Please store such items and take them home.

The rules are changing and we will do our best to keep you updated. Visit for the latest information.

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